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Standard Alignment Systems


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ADAS Calibration Tools

Profitable return on investment

Advanced Driver Assistance System presents a great opportunity

Keep ADAS work in your own shop

Hunter ADASLink® Full Diagnostic Scan Tool

  • Dynamic (driving) ADAS calibration coverage included
  • Static (fixture) ADAS calibration available with DAS 3000
  • FCA secure gateway compatible
  • Pre- and post-scan ready
  • For use in any bay, with or without Hunter aligner
  • Full scan tool not limited only to ADAS
  • Powered by Bosch

DAS 3000 ADAS Fixture

  • No more plumb bobs and tape measures
  • Integrated cameras reference wheel targets for on-screen guided positioning with ADASLink®
  • Hunter training and support
  • Powered by Bosch
  • First year of static calibration software included

Access ADAS and full diagnostic scan tool capabilities with ease and precision

Pre- & Post-Scan

Get a comprehensive look at installed systems and associated codes.

Full Diagnostic Capabilities

Review diagnostic trouble codes and other vehicle information.

Secure Gateway & Gap Coverage

FCA coverage for secure gateway vehicles, with supplemental coverage to other tools in your shop.

Specialty Uses

Code/pair new parts to the vehicle after installation, such as electric power steering components.

Brake Service

Service electric parking brakes and perform other brake diagnostics, including ABS.

Post-Collision Calibrations

Follow guided processes to calibrate required systems after a collision.

Extensive OEM coverage

25+ million vehicles with static or dynamic calibration prodedures

Site requirements

How much space will you need? Think inside the box.

It’s a popular misconception that ADAS calibration tools require huge floor space. 

Most vehicles will not need all ADAS functions adjusted at the same time, so simultaneous front, side and rear views are rarely necessary.

When multiple systems do require service, the vehicle can be repositioned within the existing space for each individual calibration.

1. Minimum floor space — 25 ft. x 34 ft.

2. Recommended floor space — 30 ft. x 45 ft.

3. Optimal floor space — 40 ft. x 60 ft.

The majority of forward-facing ADAS calibrations can be completed within 16.5 feet or less.

DAS 3000: A comprehensive solution

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Plug into an expert

Connect with full OEM vehicle-specific procedures powered by asTech®

asTech® provides remote access to OEM scan tools and technicians to assist with diagnostics and ADAS calibrations in your shop. Static calibrations require a supported OEM or aftermarket fixture, such as the Bosch DAS 3000.

  • Integrated positioning cameras (select fixtures)
  • Thrust angle reference
  • Static forward-facing flat plate radar support
  • Static forward-facing corner reflector radar support
  • Static forward-facing camera support
  • Static rear/corner radar support
  • Static surround view camera support
  • Dynamic forward-facing radar support
  • Dynamic forward-facing camera support
  • Future support
  • Full diagnostic support
  • New module programming (select vehicles)
  • OEM software
  • Integrated alignment, diagnostic and ADAS final report
  • Expert tech assistance
  • Per-use charge

Remote services

  • Expert technician help when you need it
  • Up-to-date OEM level coverage, using the same tools as the dealer
  • Secure gateway-supported connection
  • No coverage gap for new model vehicles
  • Calibration report details work completed for shop and vehicle owners


  • Any OE scan tool function on-demand
  • Calibrating
  • Newest vehicle coverage

asTech® requires ADAS calibration fixtures sold separately

DAS 3000 Aftermarket Fixture

Hunter recommends

Other Fixtures

OEM, Autel, Hella Gutmann, Texa

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