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Hunter Engineering Scores Dual Wins in 2023 PTEN Awards

Hunter Engineering is excited to share that two of its products have been recognized as winners in the 2023 PTEN People’s Choice Awards.

These awards are determined by the votes of PTEN Magazine readers, following a preliminary selection by a panel of expert judges during the PTEN Innovation Awards earlier in the year. Among Hunter’s accolades this year, the 1708-T Alignment Guide not only captured a People’s Choice Award but also secured an Innovation Award.


  • 1708-T Alignment Guide: Historically only available in print, Hunter has now made its reputable 1708-T Alignment Guide accessible online through the HunterNet® 2 portal, free of charge. Updated biannually, this guide has been indispensable at service counters, offering comprehensive advice on vehicle suspension adjustments, electronic resets, or ADAS calibrations necessary following wheel alignments, thereby presenting a significant revenue potential for shops.

    The guide’s online iteration is user-friendly, featuring an interactive table of contents, efficient search functionality, and a full-screen viewing option. This ensures shops have immediate access to the most current information without the need to reorder physical copies.

  • BL Series Bench Lathes with HunterNet 2 Connectivity: Hunter has enhanced its BL Series of bench lathes by integrating HunterNet 2 connectivity. This complimentary customer portal caters to undercar service providers managing single or multiple locations, enabling them to view actionable data on the performance of their Hunter-connected devices.

    The added connectivity allows managers and shop owners to review before and after results for rotor and drum cuts online, check initial runout, and keep tabs on lathe usage and equipment ROI in real-time. It also simplifies ordering consumables around the clock and provides online access to the user manual. The availability of before-and-after data serves as crucial documentation for warranty claims and customer reassurance.

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